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December 20, 2008 - Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas Claus


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December 16, 2008 - Snow on The Mountain

No one here but us runners.

Monday afternoon the morning's storm broke for a few hours and you could see a thin white veil had settled over the three peaks of Mt. Tam. First thing Tuesday morning Doug and Roy went to have a look.

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Christmas is Coming - 2008

Christmas is almost here! 

We'll be decorating the Saturday Morning Run Christmas tree soon.

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Fall, 2008

Alpine Lake


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The Saturday Morning Run Goes To Yosemite!

Sasha and the girls at Glacier Point.


More than forty Saturday Morning Runners made this adventure happen.


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September 6  - Matt Davis Trail


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July, August - Running in The Rockies

Trying to ignore the other species.


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A couple of Saturday morning regulars took off for Montana. One of them was the guy who does this website - and his camera went along. So.... we don't have any shots of the Saturday run for a month or so. Although, some of these pictures were taken on Saturdays.



July 19, 2008 - The Socks Issue

East Bay boys.


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July 13, 2008 - Sunday Morning Run

Sunday on the north side.


Tragically, the faithful Saturday Morning Run camera came to an untimely end on Tuesday. We had a brief memorial service on Saturday - but there are no pictures. Fortunately a successor was located and arrived in time to document the Sunday Run.


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July 5, 2008 - Pilot's Knob

Hidden lake.


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June 28, 2008 - Azalea Meadow

Azaleas bordering Azalea Meadow.


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Spring, 2008

Forget-me-nots along Jack's Swoop.


Pictures from four or five Saturday runs this Spring.


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June 8, 2008 - Eric's Dipsea Pics

The boys.


Eric's pictures, Eric's captions - straight from Picasa.

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June 8, 2008 - Dipsea

No words for this.


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May, 2008

Yikes! A whole month, and no updates. The guy who does the website must be off training somewhere.  I'm sure he'll be back soon...


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April 5, 2008 - Dipsea Opening Day 

Dipsea season is officially here.


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March 22, 2008 

Get those shoes right. Not much time left...


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March 12, 2008 - Wednesday Night

Sunset on a Wednesday


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March 1, 2008

Corsair Man


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February 23, 2008

The city in the gathering storm.


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January 12, 2008

Light in the forest.


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February 9, 2008 - The Bunny in Winter

Time to run.


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Early Dipsea Training

January 5, 2008 - Storm

Cataract Creek.


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